…Zofia Jasińska book “Eye styling”

May 31, 2019

I can now say what an amazing book!!! I have been waiting for it for a long, long time. First time when Zosia announced she is working on 4 books, each of them covering diffrent topic about eyelahs extension, I got so excited. In this article from February I shared my opinion about her first book. Check it out if…

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New book arrival

May 24, 2019

I have finally received long awaited book about eyelash styling, written by polish lash artist Zofia Jasinska. Can’t wait to start reading it and share my opinion with you. I’m sure it is going to be amazing… For now only a quick video of unwrapping the parcel…

Happy 1st birthday

May 17, 2019

My blog is officially 1 year today! Happy birthday and all the best for the future.

When is too late to write a post

May 10, 2019

It’s Friday, the 10th of May, 10:30pm and I’m just about write my weekly post. After most of my day spent on traveling back home from Greece I’m very tired. Until now, I actually thought that today is the day when I can just write HAPPY BIRTHDAY ( as my blog is about to turn 1 year next week) and…

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Interview with Karolina Swiderska @karolina.londonlashpro

May 2, 2019

SHE IS A MANAGER OF LONDON LASH STUDIO IN ST JOHNS WOOD, TRAINER IN LONDON LASH ACADEMY, JUDGE AND SPEAKER AT INTERNATIONAL LASH CONFERENCES, MASTER LASH ARTIST AND MULTIPLE AWARDS WINNER I came across your story. You started doing nails when you were younger, but at some point you changed to the eyelash extension.  What caused the change?  I started…

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What a lash artist sees

April 26, 2019

I remember my first job in a restaurant in London 8,5 years ago and a client asking me if I was wearing eyelash extension. I took it as a compliment and it brought a smile on my face because I wasn’t wearing any lashes at that time. It also meant to me that my natural lashes with some mascara on…

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Why does eyelash extension not last long – internal factors

April 19, 2019

In this article I focused on the external factors that can make eyelash extension last shorter. Today I will bring to your attention some of the internal factors you should consider when your lashes fall out unnaturally fast.  1.Individual features of the organism – as we are different, all the processes that happen in our bodies vary. For some the same…

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Lash filler training

April 12, 2019

As a part of London Lash family I had an opportunity to attend great training about very innovative treatment for eyelashes called “Lash Filler”. The training took place yesterday in London Lash academy in south-east London.  Along with my coworker Desi we arrived there before 10am and meet our very knowledgable trainer Karolina, who has shared so many information with…

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The famous “Cat eye”

April 5, 2019

“Can I please have my lashes long at the ends, very sexy, full but natural” – that is probably the most common sentence heard from clients in eyelash extension salons. Why is a “cat eye” styling most sought for  and why only a few will look good wearing it?  Let’s start with the explanation of what styling in eyelash extension…

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Spring awakening

March 29, 2019

After many cold months the spring has finally arrived. With longer and brighter days, higher temperatures everything is supposed to seem easier. Getting rid of  winter coats, putting on brighter colours can definitely help go through a transformation season. For me this time of a year is a good moment to take a little break and look back in order…

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