1. Is eyelash extension safe?

Yes, it is safe, when all the rules are followed. When each natural eyelash is separated properly so the lashes don’t get stuck together. When the weight of the extension (thickness, length and volume) are chosen correctly, and don’t overload the natural lashes. When your lash artist is well educated and knows what’s good and what to avoid.

2. Am I going to loose my natural lashes after having the extension done?

We loose our natural lashes on a regular basis. Is part of the eyelash growth cycle. The eyelash is born, then it grows, after it dies and falls out, and very often we don’t notice the loss of each eyelash. After the treatment it seems completely different. As you will start paying more attention to your lashes, each of the natural lash and the extension along with that will be on your radar. It seems that after the treatment you are loosing more, but the truth is you are loosing exactly the same amount as before applying the extension.

3. Is the application painful?

No, the application is not painful. Sometimes you might feel that the glue fumes are irritating your eyes, especially when they are not properly closed (when talking during talking, being tired or stressed). Remember that having your eyes properly closed during the treatment is very important.

4. How long does the application take?

The process can take from 2 to 4 hours to create a full set depending on the technique used, amount of clients lashes and lash artist skill level.

5. How long does the extension last?

After doing a full set the lashes will last on average up to 5-6 weeks (that’s the time until the last lash falls out) . However It is recommended to come for infills every 2-3 weeks. After that time some of the lashes will fall out, others will grow out and have to be taken off and replaced.

6. Can I go swimming/jogging/exercising right after the treatment?

After the full set of eyelashes extension or infills it is recommended to keep your lashes dry for first 24hr. It is time when the glue dries out to get its best bonding quality. Normally when you excesses you either sweat or take a shower right after hence it is recommended to start your activity at least 24hrs after the treatment. 

7. Can I put mascara and a full eye make up after the extension?

It is forbidden to put mascara after applying the eyelash extension. First you don’t need one, second it will be difficult and impossible to remove the mascara without damaging the extension. Mascara will get the lashes stuck together and lashes instead of being nice and fluffy they will end up closed and brittle. Also liquid eyeliner is not recommended as it is very difficult to remove it from the lash line. You are free to wear eyeshadows and pencils if you wish. Just remember to wash your lashes properly after each make up application.

8. Do I really need to wash my lashes? Will they not fall out? Will I not damage them? Can I only rinse them under the shower?

Yes, your really need to wash your lashes either every day if you wear eye make up, or every other day if don’t apply anything on your eyelid. Water and special lash shampoo won’t make your lashes fall out. You won’t damage your lashes by washing them gently. And no, you cannot only rinse them with water under the shower. Dead skin cells, make-up, dust and dirt are accumulating on the lash line and that has to be cleaned properly. Lack of proper lash hygiene can result in getting an infection, and that means no lashes until the infection has been healed.

9. Why my extension gets straight and lashes fall out much faster?

If you get your eyelash extension exposed to the heath ( hot steam, hair dryer, steam from the oven or pots when cooking and baking, sauna, hot bikram yoga, steam from the iron, steam when doing a facial) your lashes will most likely loose their curl and they will fall out much faster as the glue will lose its bonding properties. Avoid those kind of situations to keep your lashes last longer.

10. What to do if I don’t want to wear extension any longer?

If you decide to either have a break or not willing to wear extension any longer you can simply wait for all your extension to fall our. You can also book a removal appointment with your lashes artist – which can take approximately 30-45 minutes.