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Lash filler training

As a part of London Lash family I had an opportunity to attend great training about very innovative treatment for eyelashes called “Lash Filler”. The training took place yesterday in London Lash academy in south-east London.  Along with my coworker Desi we arrived there before 10am and meet our very knowledgable trainer Karolina, who has shared so many information with us and showed us how to do the whole treatment correctly. 

We started with the the theory about the treatment. We have learned where does it come from, who has created it, why is so innovative and got to know the difference between lash perm, lash lift, lash botox and the lash filler. It took us 5 hours to go through all the most important things,  however I can imagine that there must be much more equally interesting things on top of that. We got deep knowledge about hair structure and biochemistry of products used during the treatment. I felt like back at school (chemistry class) when the teacher explains something and at the beginning it’s difficult to understand, but after detailed explanations it makes more sense. 

Let me now tell what is this “Lash Filler” treatment and why is it so innovative? As we all know women always wanted longer, thicker, darker and curlier lashes. The desired look most women achieve by applying mascara every day.  But let’s admit it, mascara only,  won’t make your lashes look much curlier, unless you use eyelash curler, and get temporary (lasting a few hours only) result. Some women wear eyelash extension to make lashes more visible and fuller, but not all of them can do that because for example being allergic to the glue fumes. And then someone discovered that changing the structure of the hair can lead to desired curl, tinting lashes will make them darker and longer and the product called filler will enhance the thickness of natural hair by 24%. What are the special ingredients of the products? It’s a secret of the producer, however the tests run in one of Italian university shows proof that after the treatment the natural lashes are nourished, lengthened, thicker and curlier by delicate but effective perm to natural hair. 

After discovering all the theory and a lunch break, we finally attempted to start the treatment on our models. We went thoroughly through all the steps by watching a video on how to do it correctly. But because it was so many of those steps it seemed impossible to memorise them only by watching the video. When we started Karolina showed us what and how to do on one eye and then we continued on the other one. We could then compare and see what is right to do and what not and if needed she corrected our mistakes. It took us approximately 3-3,5hrs to finish the treatment, after which both of us and the models were exhausted. But after getting more experience it shouldn’t take longer than 1hr30min, to complete all the treatment. It is almost like in eyelash extension – the time of the process reduces because you become quicker  making fans and applying lashes. 

According to our trainer we did a great job and received the certificates. We now have to do a few more treatments on friends/volunteers and  I believe we will be totally ready to offer it to the clients. Overall the training was extremely interesting. The amount of knowledge shared with us was impressive and it gave us confidence to recommend this particular treatment to others, knowing how great the results can be achieved. Thank you to Karolina Swiderska and London Lash Pro. 

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