The summary of year 2018

January 4, 2019

I was suppose to write down this post and publish it a week ago and totally forgot in the busy Christmas – New Years Eve period. But here it is, the summary of 2018. What has happened: On the 6th of February I attended the Russian Volume course that has opened the doors for me to do the most sought…

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How to prepare natural lashes before treatment

December 28, 2018

Coming for a first eyelash extension appointment with clean lashes seems as obvious as coming to a dentist with brushed teeth. But quite often it is forgotten and many clients don’t pay attention if their eyelashes are cleaned properly or they just look alright when looking in the mirror. For eyelash artist clean lashes is the first step for great…

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Case study number one

December 21, 2018

NATURAL LASHES: Length of lashes: 4mm – 8mm Colour of natural lashes: bronze Colour of eyes: blue Natural lashes growing: straight or slightly curly Very healthy and strong natural lashes, never worn extension.   EXTENSION: Volume: 3-4D Thickness of lashes: 0.07 Curl: CC Style: Squirrel Length: 6mm – 10mm – 7mm Colour: Black Coverage: 90%

Obstacles lash artist can come across during the treatment

December 14, 2018

Have you ever heard that eyelash extension can damage natural lashes? Have you heard stories that someone lost natural lashes after one treatment? Have any of them ever stoped you from doing the extension for yourself? I do agree that there are things that can go wrong during the treatment. I’ve seen damaged lashes, gaps or no lashes at all.…

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Customer complaints (part two)

December 7, 2018

We are all clients, we are all customers, we buy and we consume. We wish that we always get the best service and that the brands will meet our expectations. But sometimes things won’t go right and we will get disappointed. If it’s about an item, it can in most cases be exchanged or returned. But how about services? A…

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Customer complaints (part one)

November 30, 2018

When I think about any kind of complaints, either the ones that have happened to me or when I wasn’t happy with  services or products, I come to the conclusion that most of the times the issue was not meeting someones or mine expectations. Living in London for over 8 years, and traveling back home to Poland from time to…

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My thoughts after wearing eyelash extension for a year

November 23, 2018

I still remember the day, when my colleague at work did the eyelash extension for me for the very first time. It was September 2017 and I was going on holidays for a week to Canary Islands, hence my decision about trying it myself. At that time I was working as a receptionist in London Lash and it was very…

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Customers satisfaction

November 16, 2018

What is the most important part of every business? Sales? Marketing? Products or services? Clients? How about clients satisfaction? You need customers to buy goods or services and you need happy clients that will either return or recommend your services to others. My question is: Can you keep all of them happy? Over years working in hospitality I’ve learned many…

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Classic or Russian Volume?

November 9, 2018

A few words to explain the difference between Classic eyelash extension and Russian Volume, and who will benefit from wearing each of them. Starting with the Classic – one to one eyelash extension which is a very simple method of adding the length and curl to natural lashes. During this treatment only certain thickness of lashes is used starting with…

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How much does becoming a lash artist cost

November 2, 2018

Once I decided to become a lash artist I didn’t really think of how much would I have to spend on all the courses and then the equipment needed to do the treatments. I first did my research to find a good and professional company to do a Foundation Course. I came across London Lash Pro and decided to go…

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