Spring awakening

After many cold months the spring has finally arrived. With longer and brighter days, higher temperatures everything is supposed to seem easier. Getting rid of  winter coats, putting on brighter colours can definitely help go through a transformation season. For me this time of a year is a good moment to take a little break and look back in order to see what has been done, what was missed and to figure out if everything is moving towards right direction. 

I went back to my post from the begging of January about my plans for 2019 and read every sentence twice. It did remind me what is important and what should I focus on right now instead of making up new things and coming up with new ideas. I asked myself a question if I was always giving 100% of my energy and focus and the honest answer is NO. The reason for that is postponing most of the things until the deadline. Sometimes if deadline doesn’t exist, things just don’t happen. The advice for myself for next 3 months is to focus on small things and setting up time to do each of them. They say it’s a good practice to reward yourself after something very important has been accomplished. I have never tried that in my life but will do so in next 3 months and share the results. Lets this spring awakening be a begging of something significant. Love, Alexa 

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