The famous “Cat eye”

“Can I please have my lashes long at the ends, very sexy, full but natural” – that is probably the most common sentence heard from clients in eyelash extension salons. Why is a “cat eye” styling most sought for  and why only a few will look good wearing it? 

Let’s start with the explanation of what styling in eyelash extension is. As we are all different and our face features vary, we need to either compliment something beautiful that we like or hide the things we don’t. Our eyes can be set close, far or in proportion from each other. They can be big, small, bulbous, deep, downturned, hooded, in almond shape or with a single eyelid. By doing eyelash extension we can hide some of unwanted things and make others more visible.  Application of fake lashes requires different length of them. It usually starts with short lashes in the inner corners, gradually gets longer, after which gets shorter again. Depending in which sector of the eye the longer lashes are, the name of styling changes. There are 3 most common ones :

Dolly – the lashes are the longest in the middle part of the eye. The same short lengths are used in the inner and outer corners. It is ideal styling to make eyes look more open. 

Squirrel/kitten – the longest length starts from the middle of the eye, covers the section of the eyebrow arch and gradually goes shorter towards outer corner.  It is great for hooded and droopy eyes. 

Cat eye – starts with short lashes in the inner corner and slowly goes longer towards the outer corner. To make it looks its best the outer corner should also finish with a few, 2-3mm shorter lashes. This styling can be used for someone whose eyes are close to each other.

But why do so many clients ask for the cat eye?  The answer is in the history of make up with many famous actresses (think Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn)  popularising the winged look and it became a mainstay in beauty. The cat eye make up elongates the eyes, helps us look more awake nad even draws attention away from tired, puffy eyes and there are different variations depending on the eye features. But when talking about the cat eye styling in eyelash extension it certainly won’t work for everyone and in some cases it can do more bad than good for a client. When looking at someone’s face there are plenty factors that have to be considered when choosing the right styling. Starting with the distance between the eyes, size of the eye, how deep they are set, whether they are upturned or downturned and the eyelid (can be heavy – hooded or single lid – asian eyes). Something that looks great on one person can look completely different on the other. The best way to get it right is to choose an experienced lash artist that will be able to choose the best styling, length and curl and in case of doubts and question will feel confident to explain the difference. 

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