What a lash artist sees

I remember my first job in a restaurant in London 8,5 years ago and a client asking me if I was wearing eyelash extension. I took it as a compliment and it brought a smile on my face because I wasn’t wearing any lashes at that time. It also meant to me that my natural lashes with some mascara on look long enough, dark and beautiful for someone else’s to pay attention. I didn’t know anything about lashes at that time. I haven’t seen anyone wearing fake lashes. The first time I have seen strip lashes was when my friend bought them when she was going out. But I was thinking that my natural lashes are good enough and I don’t need to apply anything else on them, except of mascara.

It changed when I decided to go for the first eyelash extension course. Still I didn’t know what is it like to have semi permanent extension put on, but I wanted to be able to do this treatment for others. I slowly started noticing if someone had had lashes on. After doing Russian Volume course in 2018 I could easily see the difference between single, volume or strip lashes and between good quality or bad. I’ve been paying much more attention to each woman eyes trying to spot who is wearing mascara only and who is having the extension on. I could easily say that the number of them have grown, including myself. Now when I see a person with any type of lashes on, there is a quick analysis in my head: strip lashes or extension, classic or volume, I judge length, curl and the quality of them. What I have noticed most of the times is that the lashes are way to long hence they can cause damage and that the quality is very poor. I wonder if the lashes are comfortable at all or not? As I came across clients saying that the extension was painful for them. I wonder how much the treatment was? As most of the time cheap service means bad quality. I wonder how much time has been spent on the application? As in this case speed can be a bad indicator.

I know that eyelash extensions is an amazing treatment and that it can help a lot of women, not only as a part of a beauty routine, but it can also resolve a lot of problems such as: short lashes, small eyes, uneven face features. I personally think that it is definitely something that will develop much more with the time. Will this become as popular as nail treatments? Will the lash artists become more educated and produce good quality work, safe for clients? Will the clientele become more concern about the treatment or will they only follow a price tag?

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