When is too late to write a post

It’s Friday, the 10th of May, 10:30pm and I’m just about write my weekly post. After most of my day spent on traveling back home from Greece I’m very tired. Until now, I actually thought that today is the day when I can just write HAPPY BIRTHDAY ( as my blog is about to turn 1 year next week) and publish it with a picture of a chocolate cake and a candle. But after proper check I discovered I will be able to do it next week. Most of my previous articles took me at least few hours to write, check, read again and post. Because I don’t have much time today I will share a few things I have learned throughout last year:

-You don’t need to be great at writing to start sharing your thoughts and knowledge with the world

-If something is important to you, you will do it anyway, regardless of good or bad circumstances around you 

-Everybody starts with ZERO followers/readers

-Patience is the most important thing in life – nothing happens over night.

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