Why does eyelash extension not last long – internal factors

In this article I focused on the external factors that can make eyelash extension last shorter. Today I will bring to your attention some of the internal factors you should consider when your lashes fall out unnaturally fast. 

1.Individual features of the organism – as we are different, all the processes that happen in our bodies vary. For some the same reaction might be very fast for the others can be slower. We can’t control how fast our natural lashes grow, how much they shed and if they are strong or weak. 

2. Allergies, colds, flu – runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, weak immune system can definitely influence the retention of eyelash extension

3. Taking antibiotics (including time of expelling it).

4. Unstable level of hormones (including problems with glands),  taking hormonal pills.

5. Menstruation. It is related to changes in hormonal system which can affect the retention. 

6. Pregnancy and lactation – there are so many changes in the metabolism and hormonal system that can make natural lashes fall out much faster.

7. Oily skin – that means the sebaceous glands produce a lot of oily matter to lubricate skin and hair. Too much oil secretion on the eyelashes will make the glue bonding weaker and the extension will be lost faster.

8. Alcohol intoxication. Loss of water, vitamins and minerals. 

9. Stress. 

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