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…Zofia Jasińska book “Eye styling”

I can now say what an amazing book!!! I have been waiting for it for a long, long time. First time when Zosia announced she is working on 4 books, each of them covering diffrent topic about eyelahs extension, I got so excited. In this article from February I shared my opinion about her first book. Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet.

I got the “Eye styling” over a week ago and started reading it immediately. After a few pages I knew that in order to memorize things I should start taking notes. There is a dedicated space in the book only for that. The terms used by the author are very technical. She created special nomenclature to best describe the eyelash styling process. Some of the sentences I had to read twice or 3 times in order to understand. It is definitely not a book to read only but to work with, take notes and practice creating maps.

To achieve the most beautiful results in eyelash styling Zosia believes in individual approach to each client. In the first chapter she talks bout diffrent shapes of human face, then she focuses on eye itself. I have never come across such a deep explanation. It covers everything from how deep the eyes are, through how close or far from each other they are located, to analysing eyelid fold. She goes through diffrent stylings and who are they suitable for. The final chapters explain a little bit about using coloured lashes in eyelash styling, brushing the extensions and how to change the styling when client comes for infills.

Zosia’s knowledge is based on her own almost 10 years experience in lash industry. She has done a lot of reaserch with other specialist, to make sure the knowledge she shares is up to date. She covered so many diffrent aspects of eyelash styling, I personally didn’t even know existed. It is absolutely amazing to learn from the best and never stop learning….

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